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Noun1.newsvendor - someone who sells newspapers
market keeper, shopkeeper, storekeeper, tradesman - a merchant who owns or manages a shop
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References [3, 4] address a single-period problem under risk neutrality, which is addressed using Newsvendor Model.
E], que determina el mejor resultado operativo para la empresa, lo proporciona la herramienta newsvendor model, que permite obtener el optimo de aprovisionamiento de un factor de produccion ante la incertidumbre de la demanda, evitando el consiguiente coste soportado que se puede generar con un exceso/deficit de aprovisionamiento.
El planteamiento del newsvendor model consiste en que un vendedor de periodicos, antes de conocer la demanda real, debe determinar cual es el pedido que tiene que hacer a un coste (c) por periodico, para revenderlos en la calle a un precio (p).
In BOps, Su (2008) built a newsvendor model by combining a utility function with the quantal response framework.
Gan, Sethi, and Yan (2005) solved a newsvendor model with a VaR constraint for the retailer's optimal order quantities.
Supply channel coordination in a newsvendor model with two allocation quotas
First, based on the newsvendor model, we consider a single shipment at the beginning of the sales season.
Implementation of the newsvendor model with clearance pricing: How to (and how not to) estimate a salvage value.
The newsvendor model derives its name from a problem faced by a retailer of newspapers, who faces a random demand and must choose at the beginning of the day how many papers to stock.
While this is intuitive, it is not as obvious (or easy to prove) here as in the newsvendor model, since here, due to the "simultaneous" ordering, the centralized system is not a simple "relaxation" of the decentralized one.
Wu and Niederhoff [18] analyze the impact of fairness concerns for the two-stage random demand newsvendor model.