Newton's law

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Noun1.Newton's law - one of three basic laws of classical mechanics
law of nature, law - a generalization that describes recurring facts or events in nature; "the laws of thermodynamics"
first law of motion, Newton's first law, Newton's first law of motion - a body remains at rest or in motion with a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external force
Newton's second law, Newton's second law of motion, second law of motion - the rate of change of momentum is proportional to the imposed force and goes in the direction of the force
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But just as the force of gravitation, incomprehensible in itself but felt by every man, is understood by us only to the extent to which we know the laws of inevitability to which it is subject (from the first knowledge that all bodies have weight, up to Newton's law), so too the force of free will, incomprehensible in itself but of which everyone is conscious, is intelligible to us only in as far as we know the laws of inevitability to which it is subject (from the fact that every man dies, up to the knowledge of the most complex economic and historic laws).
The People's Daily late Friday struck a similarly combative tone: "Anyone who has learned Newton's law of motion knows that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."
Like Newton's Law of Motion, every bit of good news needs must be counter-balanced by an equal and opposite bit of bad news!
In 1895 the German astronomer Hugo Seeliger published an article [1] in which he revealed an apparent flaw in Newton's law of gravitation, which may lead to "unsolvable contradictions".
Second, Newton's law of gravitation can be derived by incorporating the entropic force approach together with the holographic principle and the equipartition law of energy.
The required use of G in Sir Isaac Newton's Law of Gravitation, F=Gm1m2/r^2, factors in something other than the two mass or the equation would read F=m1m2/r^2.
Misconceptions concerning Newton's law of action and reaction: The underestimated importance of the third law.
Christmas, New Year's, weddings, funerals, circumcisions and a child's first communion -- no event is too somber or small for a volley of rounds to be fired into the air, without any regard for Newton's law of gravity.
The three-times champion rider has been sidelined since July 9 after he suffered a bad neck injury when his mount, Newton's Law, reared up in the stalls before a fivefurlong handicap at Newmarket.
The jockey sustained a neck injury when Newton's Law reared up and became trapped under the stalls on the opening day of the July meeting at Newmarket.
The title-race leader is thought unlikely to rush back, having told his parents he felt as if he had been the victim of a car crash when unseated from Newton's Law at the start last Thursday.