Newton's second law of motion

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Noun1.Newton's second law of motion - the rate of change of momentum is proportional to the imposed force and goes in the direction of the force
law of motion, Newton's law, Newton's law of motion - one of three basic laws of classical mechanics
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People rarely think in these terms, and our everyday world sees only the positive aspects of Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion, in which a force is equal to the mass of an object times its acceleration, or F=ma.
Teens can learn physics concepts like Newton's second law of motion by making a stomp rocket using a snack bag and a handful of other items like a straw, paper towel, and water.
Named after Newton's Second Law of Motion Force equals Mass times Acceleration , FMA Live
The key equation the simulation employed was Sir Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion, which states that Acceleration = Force/Mass.