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 (no͞ot′n, nyo͞ot′n), Sir Isaac 1642-1727.
English mathematician and scientist who developed the techniques of calculus and formulated the theory of universal gravitation, a corpuscular theory of light, and three laws of motion. His theory of gravitation, presented in Principia Mathematica (1687), was supposedly inspired by the sight of a falling apple.

New·to′ni·an adj.


1. (Mathematics) of, relating to, or based on the theories of Sir Isaac Newton
2. (General Physics) of, relating to, or based on the theories of Sir Isaac Newton
3. (Astronomy) of, relating to, or based on the theories of Sir Isaac Newton


(nuˈtoʊ ni ən, nyu-)

of or pertaining to Sir Isaac Newton or to his theories or discoveries.
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Noun1.Newtonian - a follower of Isaac Newton
follower - a person who accepts the leadership of another
Adj.1.Newtonian - of or relating to or inspired by Sir Isaac Newton or his science; "Newtonian physics"


[njuːˈtəʊnɪən] ADJnewtoniano
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related problems, the use of bigeometric calculus which is a kind of non-Newtonian calculus is advocated instead of a traditional Newtonian one.
The dynamics viscosity is a constant for a Newtonian fluid, while it is dependent on the local shear rate for a non-Newtonian fluid.
The value of the power-law index n = 1 corresponds to a Newtonian fluid, while n > 1 describes a dilatant or shear-thickening fluid and 0 < n < 1 describes a pseudo-plastic or shear-thinning fluid.
Vertical withdrawal of a substrate from a Newtonian or non-Newtonian pool of liquid, known as dip-coating or free coating, is an inexpensive method of depositing a thin, uniform layer of materials in the liquid state onto a substrate.
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