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(ˈnɛk sɪs)
Trademark. a computer-assisted research service offering news and business information, accessible for a fee.
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This preliminary forecast is based upon agreements already entered into by Nexis for the establishment of Nexis plants and distribution of Nexis building panels in a number of countries.
These meetings are in response to strong demand - from the USA, Canada and various parts of the Middle East and North Africa - for Nexis plants in those regions.
Specify your search request, and the system automatically clips news materials from the 4,700 databases between Nexis and Lexis (its legal twin) services.
This agreement was announced by Nexis immediately following a joint public signing ceremony with the Deputy Mayor of Puyang City, in March 2008.
The acquired risk-management solution companies will operate, along with Nexis' public records business, as Nexis RiskWise.
Nexis coo Tim Davies said that "small law firms and other businesses can have access to Lexis-Nexis legal research on a non-subscription basis.