Next year

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Next year   
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This being won, meant that she could come back to Redmond the next year without trenching on Marilla's small savings -- something Anne was determined she would not do.
Have the best time you can in the out-of-door world and lay in a good stock of health and vitality and ambition to carry you through next year.
When, the next year, Charles II was restored, Dryden shifted to the Royalist side and wrote some poems in honor of the king.
He's taken a great notion to farming lately, and wants me to let him try running the farm next year.
About a year after his nuptials, there came into the world a lusty young baron, in whose honour a great many fireworks were let off, and a great many dozens of wine drunk; but next year there came a young baroness, and next year another young baron, and so on, every year, either a baron or baroness (and one year both together), until the baron found himself the father of a small family of twelve.
I've got enough work laid out now to keep me in Shopton for the next year.
The next year, in the month of June, a fleet, commanded by Admiral Sir Hovenden Walker, arrived in Boston Harbor.
For 'tis in the bones iv me I know that come this time next year I'll be gazin' in the old mother's eyes, weary with watchin' iv the sea for the five sons she gave to it.
An' to-morrow I'll hustle around to the stables, an' if I locate anything we can rent a shack an' have all winter to think about where we'll go next year.
Orange, lemon, pink in every delicate shade--what they will be next year and in succeeding years when the bushes are bigger, I can imagine from the way they have begun life.
Every year expe- ditions went out holy grailing, and next year relief expeditions went out to hunt for THEM.
Next year one of us will take away your beautiful princess, if you do not take care.