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Noun1.Ngaio Marsh - New Zealand writer of detective stories (1899-1982)
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A Dame Ngaio Roberts B Dame Ngaio Marsh C Dame Ngaio Maoro D Dame Ngaio Paou
A Dame Ngaio Roberts B Dame Ngaio Marsh C Dame Ngaio Maoro D Dame Ngaio Paou A Lightless Cavern B Dark Abyss C Black Space D Black Hole A Drive Time B Early Morning C Midday D Late Night
Bentley, Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Margery Allingham, Josephine Tey, Anthony Berkeley, S.S.
com) This is the one with two female authors as Ngaio Marsh passed away in the 1980s.
Critique: Author Daniel Stallings' love of Golden Age detective fiction by Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Raymond Chandler, and Rex Stout inspired him to bring the style of the classic murder mystery to contemporary audiences in a modern voice.
Nevertheless theatre was presided over by what Ngaio Marsh's biographer Joanne Drayton calls that 'giant of literary Gods, William Shakespeare.' (10) Inasmuch as dramatic literature could come to its rescue, theatre might claim to be worthy and deserving.
The richness of McIntosh's family life, with wife Doris and son James, including their weekender garden retreat at Te Marua, is well captured by McIntosh in his correspondence and by Ngaio Marsh in her 234 letters to Doris that span the final two decades of McIntosh's life.
If Fergus Hume was New Zealand's Aeschylus of the mystery, assisting in the birth of the form, Dame Edith Ngaio Marsh was dearly the nation's Sophocles, shaping the classical elements of the form.
There is also a chapter on five other women authors: Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Sheila Pim, Gladys Mitchell, and Caryl Brahms.
During her writing career, Ngaio Marsh, a native of New Zealand, published 32 detective novels, joining Agatha Christie and Dorothy L.
Whereas Margaret Mahy, Riemke Ensing, (Sir) James McNeish, Peter Bland, Ngaio Marsh (our best detective writer), Tony Beyer, Stephen Oliver (arguably our finest living poet), Graham Billing (our finest naturalist writer), Martin Edmond (our finest essayist), Alistair Paterson, David Howard, Roger Hall and Anthony McCarten (our two leading playwrights) have been not been included, Isobella Aylmer, A.
Among its former inhabitants are Nobel Prize laureate Ernest Rutherford, writers Ngaio Marsh and Keri Hulme, and New Zealand prime minister John Key.