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(əŋˌgɑ liˈeɪ mə)

Mount, a mountain with two summits, in central Africa, between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo: highest peak in the Ruwenzori group. 16,763 ft. (5109 m). Formerly, Mount Stanley.
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A child walks past (R) and a woman stands among the remains of a landslide in Ngaliema district in Kinshasa
(10) The comedians prefer to operate in municipalities such as Gombe, Ngaliema, Kitambo and Limete, and, to a lesser extent, Barumbu, where they expect money to be circulating.
(13) Here, the comedian erroneously situates Camp Luka in the community of Selembao, while the military camp is located in Ngaliema. An explanation could be that the comedian wants to increase the social opposition by referring to Selembao, a community known to house the poorest in the city.
Apart from gender, religion, and ethnic background, economic resources splinter the idea of "Kinshasa's youth." The city itself is divided into more residential, posh areas, occupied by contemporary elite and expats (Gombe, Ngaliema, Limete); and poorer areas.
The Kinshasa provincial general referral hospital and the Ngaliema clinic have been issued with modern equipment.
Kabila was rushed by helicopter to the Ngaliema Clinic in Kinshasa, while the other bodyguards ran after the murderer who had managed to escape from the room.
Address : Sise 22007, Route de Matadi, Binza # Ozone Kinshasa / Ngaliema C/ Centre de Formation de la REGIDESO, B.P.
This is the case of Monkole Hospital Center (CHM) and the Ngaliema Clinic, both referral hospitals, under the control of the Ministry of Health.