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Noun1.Ni-hard - cast iron to which nickel has been added to make it resist abrasion
alloy cast iron, alloy iron - cast iron containing alloying elements (usually nickel or chromium or copper or molybdenum) to increase the strength or facilitate heat treatment
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Features of the German-engineered mixer include wear-resistant Ni-Hard arms and shovels, replaceable Armor Plate wear liners, plus an oversized discharge gate.
The wear resistance is generally five to 15 times higher than with common hardened steel, Ni-hard, hard facing or ceramics, noted the company.
* Metals Cast: Abrasion-resistant cast irons, austempered ductile iron, austenitic ductile iron, austenitic gray iron, carbon steel, ductile iron, gray iron, heat resistant steels, stainless steel, high chrome iron, Ni-Hard.
Grindex has solved the wear problem by producing hydraulic components in the Bravo pumps in Ni-Hard 4, one of the hardest materials available today.
Systems are designed to incorporate an explosion proof ACM mill pressure shock resistant to 9 bar, and the ACM hammers are tungsten carbide faced, together with cast ni-hard liners to ensure maximum wear life to exposed parts and reduce maintenance downtime.
An expanded foundry product line will include a wide variety of small- to mid-size range castings in steel, ductile, premium gray iron, ni-hard, special alloys and aluminum.
"Some of the alloys we pour are for extreme wear, such as Ni-Hard. And we've developed an alloy that is really wear resistant that we are bringing to market."
No close clearances, non clogging action, severe solids/abrasive duty capability, minimal solid degradation, low shear, dry running ability, ability to operate on aerated fluids (Snore), horizontal, submersible and vertical cantilever designs available, and materials:- cast iron, 316 stainless steel, and ni-hard iron.