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n.1.A young hawk; an eyas; hence, an unsophisticated person.
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March 28, 2005 - A magnitude 8.6 quake off Sumatra was estimated to have killed 1,300 people, many on Nias island off Sumatra's west coast.
In 2004, a powerful earthquake and a deadly subsequent tsunami devastated Aceh and Nias Island, killing over 200,000 people and rendering around one million others homeless.
It also oversaw reconstruction after a quake that killed more than 800 people on North Sumatra Province's Nias Island in 2005.
In 2009 the CTBT's scientists reported that their station on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia had picked up infrasound from big quakes in Sumatra in 2004, and Mantawi and Nias Island in 2005.
The meteorology agency said a minor tsunami which, at its largest, was about 16in (40cm) high hit Banyak island, Nias island and Sibolga.
Earlier, tsunami waves up to 14 centimetres were recorded at Teluk Dalam on Nias Island, south west of Sibolga.
March 28, 2005: An 8.6-magnitude quake on Indonesias Nias island off Sumatra leaves at least 900 dead.
Additionally, Niagara Falls assisted in several Humanitarian efforts such as Tsunami Relief Operations, Nias Island earthquake disaster relief, Papua New Guinea Displaced Persons disaster relief, Operation Unified Assistance, Pacific Partnerships, and the most recent combined disaster relief efforts in the central Philippines during Typhoon Feng Shen with USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group.
Moreover, Indonesia has one of the longest coastlines in the world with a number of beaches and island resorts such as those in southern Bali, Lombok, Bintan and Nias Island.
A magnitude 8.7 earthquake jolted Nias Island, off Sumatra to the south of Aceh, in March 2005, killing more than 800 people.
Students of the school who received scholarships after their homes on Nias Island were destroyed by an earthquake March 28, 2005, did volunteer relief work after the Java quake and talked about the program.
Eight-year-old Mawarni Zega, from the village of Hilisebua on Nias Island, Indonesia, is the youngest of 10 children.