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n. pl.1.In German mythology, the children of the mist, a race of dwarfs or demonic beings, the original possessors of the famous hoard and ring won by Siegfrid; also, the Burgundian kings in the Nibelungenlied.
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Three Rhinemaidens guard the gold in the River Rhine which is stolen by Alberich, one of the dwarf-like Nibelungs who live in the caverns below.
17) Farmer Giles shows that Tolkien gave some serious thought to the improbabilities of the account of the Volsunga Saga: even a magical stead like Grani would have had great difficulty carrying the vast treasure of the Nibelungs away from Fafnir's cave.
From fantasy and sci-fi to bestseller adaptations such as "Ring of the Nibelungs," "Impact," "Lost City Raiders" and Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End," the Munich company aims high, combining "American-style pacing and European sensibility in terms of the feeling and the story," says Bauer.
Wotan, the god of laws, had stolen the hoard to pay the giants who built his fortress, Valhalla, and the Nibelungs want it back.
And below, when Dunraven refers to the red gold of the Nibelungs, there is an additional marginal reference, this time to Carlyle, III, 125.
Robert had also taken up amateur dramatics at the Barnes Theatre Company and, in 2004, made his television debut in Ring of the Nibelungs and in the filmVanity Fair, although his scenes were deleted and only appear in the DVD version.
The "perils" promised by the title, however, are most evident in the hints of racism that underlie even the most benign discussion of "national character," let alone the Ring of the Nibelungs.
Legend has it that the Nibelungs hero Siegfried fought and slayed the dragon that haunted the Drachenfels rock, bathing in his blood to make himself invincible.
If one finds any similarities between this image and that of the Nibelungs in Chereau's production of the Ring, that is because they do exist.
If you want to enjoy the Song of the Nibelungs, you must try to do one thing: forget Wagner.
She's since been typecast as a kick-ass Viking beauty, playing characters with names like Brunnhild in the TV movie Ring of the Nibelungs, and Elora (a tree nymph) in the new medieval action pic In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.
The opera is the first of Wagner's epic The Ring of the Nibelungs.