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n.1.(Zool.) The European woodpecker, or yaffle; - called also nicker pecker.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Nickle Anode Plates, Tin Lead Alloy Anodes, H.
Historical specimens from various museum collections examined by Mound & Nickle (2009) suggested that the original range of C.
com)-- Delaware-based electrical contractor Nickle Electrical Companies has acquired a business license to perform work in Virginia.
Brownells CEO Pete Brownell presented a check for $75,000 to MaryAnne Nickle, dean of Iowa Valley Grinnell, and gunsmithing instructor Dave Bennetts, former Brownells gun tech.
Janina Nickle of Shrewsbury has been named to the Dean's List at Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, Pa.
Following a bride-to-be, a father, and a homeless woman as they tell their stories of love and its pitfalls and its treasures, David Nickle presents an original and intriguing tale.
Mercilessly bullied by the local kids, lonely 10-year-old boy Lucas Nickle, (Eisen), vents his frustration on an ant colony in his parents' front yard by flooding the animals' home.
Nickle and Naskrecki (1999) described the species Loboscelis bacatus (Copiphorinae), comparing it with L.
THE STORY Ten-year-old Lucas Nickle (voiced by Zach Tyler) is cruel to ants and floods a colony with his water gun.
Voices: Hova Julia Roberts Zoc Nicolas Cage Queen Meryl Streep Stan Beals Paul Giamatti Lucas Nickle Zach Tyler Eisen Kreela Regina King Fugax Bruce Campbell Mommo Lily Tomlin Doreen Nickle Cheri Oteri Fred Nickle Larry Miller Tiffany Nickle Allison Mack Head of Council Ricardo Montalban Steve Myles Jeffrey Nicky Jake T.
Another veteran, Sonny Nickle, will also play his last match for the club after Millward decided not to offer the 33-year-old forward another contract.
Nickle gets one last chance with injuries taking their toll on Millward's squad.