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They were honest, honorable men in their dealings, but the people had given them a couple of nicknames which were very suggestive--Herr Givenaught and Herr Heartless.
This much-enduring man had succeeded in banishing chewing gum after a long and stormy war, had made a bonfire of the confiscated novels and newspapers, had suppressed a private post office, had forbidden distortions of the face, nicknames, and caricatures, and done all that one man could do to keep half a hundred rebellious girls in order.
Zarathustra's habit of designating a whole class of men or a whole school of thought by a single fitting nickname may perhaps lead to a little confusion at first; but, as a rule, when the general drift of his arguments is grasped, it requires but a slight effort of the imagination to discover whom he is referring to.
In time he came to be liked, and well liked too; but by that time the nickname had got well stuck on, and it stayed.
how could you call him a nickname the very first time you ever saw him?"
He had, as they say, "a good nut." He seemed to have taken his head --round as a bullet--out of a box of marbles, and it is from that, I think, that his comrades of the press--all determined billiard-players--had given him that nickname, which was to stick to him and be made illustrious by him.
(His very nickname, "Scratch," arose from a Berserker trick of his, in fighting, of tearing off his opponent's face.) And that I had won his friendship, all thanks were due to John Barleycorn.
Don't repeat that stupid nickname when you talk of my good friend, Richard Wardour."
"It's only just a nickname. I reckon they've forgot his real name long before this.
'Look at him,' said she; 'his beard is like an old mop; he shall be called Grisly-beard.' So the king got the nickname of Grisly-beard.
"These scattered tribes come, one and all, under the title of Nyam-Nyams, and this compound word is only a sort of nickname. It imitates the sound of chewing."
You are a Madame de Genlis and nothing more" (this nickname, bestowed on Vera by Nicholas, was considered very stinging), "and your greatest pleasure is to be unpleasant to people!