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 (chou-shĕs′ko͞o), Nicolae 1918-1989.
Romanian politician who was the absolute ruler of Romania from 1965 until his regime was overthrown in December 1989. He was tried by military tribunal and executed for crimes against the state.


(Biography) Nicolae (ˌnɪkɒˈlaɪ). 1918–89, Romanian statesman; chairman of the state council (1967–89) and president of Romania (1974–89): deposed and executed


(tʃaʊˈʃɛs ku)

Nicolae, 1918–89, Romanian political leader and dictator; president 1967–89.
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Nicolae Ceausescu, as we can see in the stenographs of CPE x of teleconferences with the county first secretaries in the country, from 17, 20 and 21 December 1989, in his speeches from radio-televised in the same period, said that the disturbances were the exclusive result of anti-Romanian actions handled by Western and even Eastern European countries to destabilize Romania and to diminish its international prestige (6).
The body of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu has been exhumed for DNA tests but which country was he president of?
Romania has seen some of its largest public discontent rallies since the fall of Communist leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, over the government's proposal of wage cuts of 25% and retirement pension cuts of 15% in order to reduce the country's budget deficit.
22, 1989, mere hours after the fall of Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, a squad of confused militia men navigates the chaotic streets of Bucharest rife with warring factions in "The Paper Will Be Blue.
Yesterday, Rowling was also guest of honour at a celebrity gala held at the palace of executed Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, which raised more than pounds 100,000 for the foundation.
PD was formerly the Social Democratic Party (PSD) under Ion Illiescu who was Romania's first President following the toppling of overthrowing of Nicolae Ceausescu.
He praised human rights in Communist Poland and under Yugoslavian dictator Tito, and publicly told the brutal ruler of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu, "Our goals are the same.
No fue el caso de Rumania, donde la poblacion se revelo contra el exdictador Nicolae Ceausescu y lo fusilaron despues de las jornadas sangrientas de la Navidad de 1989, cuando en la ciudad de Temisoara se gesto una revuelta masiva contra las fuerzas de seguridad.
The initiative was set up in 1990 by Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop empire, to help relieve the suffering in Romania's orphanages after the fall of the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.
On Friday, Jackson visited a state orphanage and watched a children's show staged for him in the giant marble-walled palace built for late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.
Of which country was Nicolae Ceausescu leader until 1989?
It was six months before the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu and the Communist regime in the revolution of December that year.