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An ancient city of northwest Asia Minor near the Bosporus in present-day Turkey. Founded in 264 bc on the site of an earlier city, it flourished for many centuries. Around ad 286, Diocletian made Nicomedia the capital of the eastern portion of the Roman Empire, but it was soon superseded by Byzantium.
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Emperor Konstantin outlived his mother by ten years and entered into rest at the age of about sixty in 337, in the city of Nicomedia. His body was buried in the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople.
Dr Shaikh Sultan continued: "Arrian of Nicomedia (Arrianus) wrote this book, Indica, which means India, utilising what Nearchus wrote.
303 - Roman Emperor Diocletian begins his policy of persecuting Christians, razing the church at Nicomedia.
Pliny the Younger, for example, complains that Nicomedia had spent 3 million sesterces on an aqueduct which was not completed yet (Ibid 35).
Born in the year 275 in Nicomedia near the Black Sea in Asia, he was introduced to Christianity by his mother, Eubula, who was also canonized by the Roman Catholic Church.
Several articles refer to water and its pollution: "Water -the Origin of life"; "Once Again on Water"; "Kocaeli, Izmit, Nicomedia".
Los anos 1003-1009 de Simeon estuvieron marcados por una disputa con Esteban de Nicomedia, metropolita de esa ciudad y asistente del patriarca.