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 (nĭ-kō′shē-ăn′ə, -ä′nə, -ā′nə)
Any of various flowering plants of the genus Nicotiana of the nightshade family, native chiefly to the Americas and including tobacco plants and ornamental species with fragrant flowers.

[New Latin (herba) nicotiāna, (herb of) Nicot, nicotiana, after Jean Nicot (1530?-1600), French diplomat.]


(nɪˌkəʊʃɪˈɑːnə; -ˈeɪnə)
(Plants) any solanaceous plant of the American and Australian genus Nicotiana, such as tobacco, having white, yellow, or purple fragrant flowers
[C16: see nicotine]


(nɪˌkoʊ ʃiˈeɪ nə, -ˈæn ə, -ˈɑ nə)

n., pl. -nas.
any plant of the genus Nicotiana, of the nightshade family, esp. one grown for its ornamental value.
[1590–1600; < New Latin (herba) nicotiana Nicot's (herb) (after Jacques Nicot (1530–1600))]
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Noun1.nicotiana - American and Asiatic aromatic herbs and shrubs with viscid foliageNicotiana - American and Asiatic aromatic herbs and shrubs with viscid foliage
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
family Solanaceae, potato family, Solanaceae - large and economically important family of herbs or shrubs or trees often strongly scented and sometimes narcotic or poisonous; includes the genera Solanum, Atropa, Brugmansia, Capsicum, Datura, Hyoscyamus, Lycopersicon, Nicotiana, Petunia, Physalis, and Solandra
tobacco plant, tobacco - aromatic annual or perennial herbs and shrubs
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Even within the limits of the same genus, we meet with this same difference; for instance, the many species of Nicotiana have been more largely crossed than the species of almost any other genus; but Gartner found that N.
Plants that attract night-flying moths include Nicotiana alata; Jasmine; Honeysuckle or Sweet rocket.
Annie Hayes of Annie's Annuals & Perennials in Richmond, California, suggested lime green Nicotiana langsdorffit, which can't be found in a typical nursery.
We're sowing marigolds, cornflowers, love-inthe-mist and half-hardy annuals such as nicotiana.
by combining humanised monoclonal antibodies manufactured in plants, specifically Nicotiana or tobacco.
Adults are particularly fond of nectar-rich flowers with a long and narrow calyx like centranthus, jasmine, buddleia, nicotiana, primula, violets, lilacs, verbena, phlox and stachys, and they will often feed on window-box displays too, allowing quite a good opportunity to be admired - or scare some people to death, it seems.
Plants whose scents will blend together beautifully in the border include lilies, phlox, sweet Williams, nicotiana (tobacco plant), sweet peas and nepeta (catmint).
Nicotiana sylvestris, a hardy annual (meaning that the seed can be sown directly into the ground); is a tall, stately, tobacco plant (Solanaceae family) growing to between a metre and metre and a half, so it is best planted towards the back of a lightly shaded or sunny border in light well-drained soil.
We have Matthiola, Nicotiana, Stocks, Swan River Daisy, Sweet Sultan, Sweet William and Wallflowers.
00 Carlisle The name for any plant of the genus Nicotiana, the leaf is used in cigarettes and cigars, snuff, pipe and chewing tobacco.