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Noun1.Nidulariaceae - bird's-nest fungi
fungus family - includes lichen families
Nidulariales, order Nidulariales - small order of basidiomycetous fungi comprising families Nidulariaceae and Sphaerobolaceae
bird's-nest fungus - any of various fungi of the family Nidulariaceae having a cup-shaped body containing several egg-shaped structure enclosing the spores
genus Nidularia, Nidularia - type genus of the Nidulariaceae
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The genus Cyathus Haller belongs to the family Nidulariaceae, which is included in the agaricoid clade of Basidiomycota (1,2) and it is morphologically characterized by a three-layered bell or vase-shaped basidiomata with lenticular structures (peridioles) fixed to the inner wall by the funicular cord.
First records of Geastraceae & Nidulariaceae (Basidiomycota, Fungi) from Bahia, Northeastern Brazil.