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A Middle High German epic poem written in the early 1200s and based on the legends of Siegfried and of the Burgundian kings.


(Poetry) a medieval High German heroic epic of unknown authorship based on German history and legend and written about 1200
[literally: song of the Nibelungs]


(ˈni bəˌlʊŋ ənˌlit)

a Middle High German epic of c1200, telling of the wooing of Brunhild by the hero Siegfried on behalf of Gunther, the marriage of Siegfried and Kriemhild, the murder of Siegfried by Hagen, and Kriemhild's subsequent revenge.
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Noun1.Nibelungenlied - an epic poem written in Middle High German and based on the legends of Siegfried and Teutonic kings
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En el caso del Niebelungenlied, notable el protagonismo de Etzel, es decir, Atila, senor de los Hunos.
Traditional scholarly work on Tolkien and women has focused on a variety of critical and historical approaches examining the work of both Tolkien and his mythological and literary inspirations (the Niebelungenlied, Beowulf, El Cid, etc.
But the possibility of any of the denizens of the worlds of the mythical Niebelungenlied upon which the Cycle is based being Jewish is unlikely.