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 (nē′bo͝or′, -bər), Reinhold 1892-1971.
American theologian who argued that Christianity is obligated to confront ethical, social, and moral problems. His works include The Nature and Destiny of Man (1941-1943).
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1. (Biography) Barthold Georg (ˈbartɔlt ˈɡeːɔrk). 1776–1831, German historian, noted for his critical approach to sources, esp in History of Rome (1811–32)
2. (Biography) Reinhold (ˈraɪnˌhəʊld). 1892–1971, US Protestant theologian. His works include Moral Man and Immoral Society (1932) and The Nature and Destiny of Man (1941–43)
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(ˈni bʊər)

1. Barthold Georg, 1776–1831, German historian.
2. Reinhold, 1892–1971, U.S. theologian and philosopher.
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Noun1.Niebuhr - United States Protestant theologian (1892-1971)Niebuhr - United States Protestant theologian (1892-1971)
2.Niebuhr - German historian noted for his critical approach to sources and for his history of Rome (1776-1831)Niebuhr - German historian noted for his critical approach to sources and for his history of Rome (1776-1831)
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The writings of Reinhold Niebuhr, John Courtney Murray, Abraham Joshua Heschel, and Paul Tillich commanded mass audiences.
On April 30, Archbishop Jackeln will present "A History of Cosmic Passion: The Role of Evil in a Complex World," this year's Niebuhr Lecture at Elmhurst College.
In his Detroit congregation, in 1923, Pastor Reinhold Niebuhr preached on the necessity of increasing the numbers of Jews who would join the Christian fold.
The firm also announced a new leadership team with Director of Financial Planning Lena Nebel, CFP, MSFS and Director of Investment Operations Yanni Niebuhr, CFPjoining CEO Eric Brotman, CFP, AEP, CPWAand Chief Operating Officer Kathleen Benjamin, CFP, CPA as principals.
Richard Niebuhr's Christ and Culture, Robert Crouse sets out to spur political theology toward new typologies of the church's relationship to culture and the social order.
Comey ended a months-long Twitter tease Monday when he confirmed that he is the owner of a cryptic, nature-photo-loving account with the name Reinhold Niebuhr.
The account operates under the name Reinhold Niebuhr - a theologian and political commentator who died in 1971 - and has been the subject of investigations from ( Gizmodo and the ( New Yorker , among other outlets.
Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971) was an inner-city pastor, ethics professor, and author of the famous Serenity Prayer.
He added that the first time Khor Abdullah's name was officially written on a map was in 1765 by Danish explorer Carsten Niebuhr, who went on a seven-year trip from Denmark to Egypt, India, Oman, Baghdad and Aleppo.(end)
An' that's all right, I don't worry oh, there will be a better day The sun's gonna shine on my back door someday The second chapter finds Cone turning toward one of his theological mentors, Reinhold Niebuhr, whose influence on political life in the U.S.