Nigella damascena

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Noun1.Nigella damascena - European garden plant having finely cut leaves and white or pale blue flowers
nigella - any plant of the genus Nigella
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NIGELLA damascena Miss Jekyll is one of the most popular of all annuals.
Meanwhile, Nigella damascena, Love-in-a-Mist, is an old cottage garden favourite that will delight with its combination of ferny foliage and pretty blue flowers.
Love-in-a-mist - Nigella damascena - is a great option that has seed heads that rattle beautifully in the wind.
From a packet of seed cut-and-come again crops such as Clarkia Pulchella, Calendula Art shades and Nigella Damascena Albion Black Pod are amazing value for money.
We report new records of five vascular plant species, Nigella damascena, Salix x sepuicralis, Spiraea x bumalda, Thermopsis villosa, and Veronica longifolia.