night crawler

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or night crawler  (nīt′krô′lər)
Any of various large earthworms that dig deep burrows in the ground and emerge at night. They are often used as fish bait.
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night′ crawl`er

an earthworm.
[1920–25, Amer.]
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In addition, they are cultivating African Night Crawlers to produce vermicast, a byproduct of the breakdown of organic matter which is an excellent and nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.
"Night crawlers filming them are just stirring up unnecessary trouble and chaos in the community by spreading panic and fear, besides inciting backlash against the labourers."
I would catch night crawlers and add them to the compost pile.
The farm sells earthworms, specifically the African Night Crawlers, which aid in vermicasting.
Last year, Jumia Mobile Week featured 3 mouth-watering flash sales every day at nearly 50% off; both night crawlers and day troopers had a piece of the pie.
These night crawlers are students from Sarasota High School's drama department, who perform a rendition of Michael Jackson's famous Thriller dance in Circle Park.
They are usually caught as a by-product by bream fishermen, working those areas with night crawlers or cut shrimp.
The main staple diet of crickets, earth worms, silk worms, roaches, superworms and night crawlers are easily obtained.
Troy Cummings' THE NOTEBOOK OF DOOM: DAY OF THE NIGHT CRAWLERS (9780545493246, $15.99) returns Alexander Bopp to a new story.
Then he trained the small disc of light on the damp grass and began looking for night crawlers.
The fat worms you find in your garden are likely night crawlers that burrow into the soil and spend most of their lives underground.
Always, these pie-plates would bite fat night crawlers headfirst, hooking themselves on the lead hook, as opposed to sawing off the tail like a tiny 'gill.