Night parrot

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(Zool.) See Kakapo.

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This included the spotted quail thrush, the squatter pigeon and the night parrot.
Ostensibly a film about director Robert Nugent's hunt for a long-thought-lost species of bird, Night Parrot Stories is, more significantly, a meditation on historical and scientific constructions, the clash of white and Aboriginal cultures, and humanity's place in--and continued destruction of--nature.
For more than a century no living night parrot was seen until in 2013 its existence in western Queensland was confirmed by ecologist John Young.
A FEW years ago, I was involved with a group raising funds to sponsor work by BirdLife International for the Night Parrot.
ORNITHOLOGISTS are aflutter after the elusive night parrot, feared to be extinct for 100 years, is rediscovered in Queensland, Australia.
This book follows the family to Western Australia to locate Uncle Kev as he tries to find the elusive bearded night parrot.
The nature refuge agreement for the night parrot reserve was formally signed today (Tuesday) by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles and Bush Heritage Australia CEO, Gerard ONeill.
Finally, a feral cat in Australia killed a Night Parrot, a nocturnal and flightless bird seen just a handful of times in the last century.
Earlier this year Dr Miles took similar action when an Interim Conservation Order was issued in relation to the recently rediscovered night parrot.
For an animal as rare as the night parrot, poaching and disturbance are two of the greatest threats, and were working to keep it secure in the wild, he said.
Award-winning producer/writer/director Robert Nugent s (End of the Rainbow) new film Night Parrot Stories looks at the entanglements between a lost bird and the man-made world.
Other projects include a documentary about searching for the elusive night parrot by Robert Nugent, a short film about a young man who escapes from a cult by Jimmy Ennett and script development for a television series by Matt Anderson.