Night parrot

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(Zool.) See Kakapo.

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Gregory Andrews, the national commissioner of threatened species, said: "We have got to make choices to save animals that we love, and who define us as a nation like the bilby, the warru (Black-footed rock-wallaby) and the night parrot."
Secondly, I confess that I fell into being 'one of those parrot pursuers'; so numerous are we that Night Parrot could never tell every story (clearly acknowledged by the author).
This included the spotted quail thrush, the squatter pigeon and the night parrot.
A FEW years ago, I was involved with a group raising funds to sponsor work by BirdLife International for the Night Parrot.
ORNITHOLOGISTS are aflutter after the elusive night parrot, feared to be extinct for 100 years, is rediscovered in Queensland, Australia.
An intrepid Australian bird-spotter has captured the best evidence in a century of a live "night parrot", a rare creature that ranks among the world's most enigmatic avian species, scientists said Thursday.
This book follows the family to Western Australia to locate Uncle Kev as he tries to find the elusive bearded night parrot. Harvey's trademark minute illustrations with humorous events continue here.
Finally, a feral cat in Australia killed a Night Parrot, a nocturnal and flightless bird seen just a handful of times in the last century.