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or Com·pline  (kŏm′plĭn, -plīn′) also com·plin or Com·plin (-plĭn)
n. Ecclesiastical
1. The last of the canonical hours, recited or sung just before retiring.
2. The time of day appointed for this service.

[Middle English, alteration (probably influenced by matines, matins) of compli, from Old French complie, from Medieval Latin (hōra) complēta, final (hour), from Latin complētus, past participle of complēre, to complete; see complete.]
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(ˈkɒmplɪn; -plaɪn) or


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church the last of the seven canonical hours of the divine office
[C13: from Old French complie, from Medieval Latin hōra complēta, literally: the completed hour, from Latin complēre to fill up, complete]
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(ˈkɒm plɪn, -plaɪn)

also com•plin


the last of the seven canonical hours, or the service for it.
[1175–1225; Middle English comp(e)lin=compli, cump(e)lie (< Old French complie, cumplie < Latin complēta (hōra) complete (hour)) + -in (of matin)]
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Noun1.compline - last of the seven canonical hours just before retiring
canonical hour - (Roman Catholic Church) one of seven specified times for prayer
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n (Eccl) → Komplet f
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| BishopWilliam Nolan will celebrate Mass in StTeresa's, Dumfries, from 7pm to 8pm on Tuesday, when there will also be a 10pm Night Prayer of the Church and 11.30pm exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and an all-night vigil.
Dubai: The Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque and Centre (AFMC) welcomed more than 10,000 worshippers at the late night prayer performed by Muslims to mark Laylat Al Qadr (Night of Decree) on Saturday.
In Quran, Laylat al-Qadr is described as "Better than 1000 months." Mosques are crowded during the holy month of Ramadan where Muslims head to perform Tarawih (additional prayers performed by Muslims at night after the Isha prayer), and Tahajjud (a voluntary night prayer).
I go for a special night prayer and it's only then that I have my first meal of the day.
As for traffic safety measures, the ministry has urged drivers to strictly follow all traffic rules and regulations and not to over speed especially before iftar, not to park vehicles wrongly in front of Masjids during the night prayer, not to occupy parking dedicated to special needs people, to give way for the emergency vehicles and to guarantee safety of pedestrians.
Visitors are welcome to stay for a service of Compline (Night Prayer) after the performances.
The name "night prayer" was the Ecumenical Working Group's self-ironic response to their displacement to this time of the night.
Kassala State Police Director Yahia al-Hadi told Sudan Tribune that three were killed in the attack which took place after the Isha'a -- the night prayer at a mosque in Makram neighbourhood.
Twin car bomb attacks hit a mosque in Benghazi's Salmani district two week ago as the worshipers exited the mosque after the night prayer, killing 34 people and injuring more than 100 others, mostly civilians.
Jerusalem/PNN Dozens of Palestinians were injured late Tuesday night when Israeli police attacked Palestinian worshippers who were holding the night prayer outside Al-Aqsa Mosque at Lions' Gate (Bab al-Asbat) of Jerusalem's Old City, according toWAFA.
MOHAMMED RASOOLDEEN Muslims wearing masks walk outside the Grand Mosque after night prayer in Makkah in this file photo.
Waiting for the night prayer, Muslims fulfill the mosque after the iftar.