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1. Any of several nightjars found throughout the Americas, having grayish-brown plumage that mimics leaves on the forest floor, especially Chordeiles minor. Also called bullbat, mosquito hawk.
2. Informal A night owl.


1. (Animals) Also called: bullbat or mosquito hawk any American nightjar of the genus Chordeiles and related genera, having a dark plumage and, in the male, white patches on the wings and tail
2. informal another name for night owl



any of several long-winged New World goatsuckers of the subfamily Chordeilinae, esp. Chordeiles minor, often nesting on flat rooftops in urban areas.
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Noun1.nighthawk - a person who likes to be active late at nightnighthawk - a person who likes to be active late at night
individualist - a person who pursues independent thought or action
2.nighthawk - mainly nocturnal North American goatsucker
caprimulgid, goatsucker, nightjar - mainly crepuscular or nocturnal nonpasserine birds with mottled greyish-brown plumage and large eyes; feed on insects
Chordeiles, genus Chordeiles - a genus of Caprimulgidae


[ˈnaɪthɔːk] Nchotacabras m inv
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The nighthawk circled overhead in the sunny afternoons -- for I sometimes made a day of it -- like a mote in the eye, or in heaven's eye, falling from time to time with a swoop and a sound as if the heavens were rent, torn at last to very rags and tatters, and yet a seamless cope remained; small imps that fill the air and lay their eggs on the ground on bare sand or rocks on the tops of hills, where few have found them; graceful and slender like ripples caught up from the pond, as leaves are raised by the wind to float in the heavens; such kindredship is in nature.
NIGHTHAWKS using metal detectors are stealing objects from the site of what is the only known major Roman town in the North East.
THE Merseyside Nighthawks got their season off to a hot start, beating Sheffield Giants in an enthralling match-up.
17 COVENTRY Nighthawks came from behind in a full-blooded encounter with Warwickshire to record a hard-earned victory.
The Merseyside Nighthawks, established in 1986, are in the third tier of the British leagues, having narrowly missed out on the play-offs last year.
The Nighthawks come with 2, 4, 6 or 8 of the new 222MHz Power3 processors, which should in themselves offer about 11% more processing power than the current Power3 chips.
The purpose of this study was to assess the diet of common nighthawks (Caprimulgidae: Chordeiles minor) in relation to insect abundance in the Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan.
Based at Birkenhead Park and founded in 1986, the Nighthawks are Merseyside's only British American Football League (BAFL) registered team.
THE MERSEYSIDE Nighthawks gridiron team have returned to training for their assault on the British Senior League Championships where they hope to better last year's disappointing finish to their season when they narrowly missed out on the Championship Playoffs for the third season in a row.
MERSEYSIDE NIGHTHAWKS are aiming to mount a challenge for the national champion-ship this season.
Nighthawk Systems Inc (OTCBB: NIHK), a provider of wireless and IP-based control devices and solutions, announced on Thursday (6 November) that the company has received an initial order from El Paso Electric, an electric utility company in the Rio Grande Valley in west Texas and southern New Mexico, USA.