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a.1.Having no night.
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The question, kids, is this: Ruby tell the truth because he is now clear-Handed and free in hospital prison to breathe the anti-cancer air of this night-ass Texas wind (Baron Lord of Texas), or do he he say-listen now-say what they they want him to say because if Rube don't record the way he got to record they take away his now-given deathbed window--and let him die deep in his windowless nightless cancer age-old shit.
Come summer, the snow melts away to reveal picturesque green forests, flower buds burst forth and explode into a million vibrant colours, and then there are the Nightless Nights with a je ne sais quoi of their own.
Set over a single 24-hour span during the nightless summer, pic is infused with a touch of midnight-sun madness that's infectious.