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1. (Astronomy) astronomy the dark side (of a planet)
2. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) US the workers of a night-shift



the dark side of a planet or moon.
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The temperature difference between dayside and nightside was so extreme that it precluded an atmosphere, which ought to circulate heat from the dayside to the nightside.
Once inside, the particles and the energy they carry are stored on the nightside of the magnetosphere, until an event, known as a substorm, releases the energy.
There is the possibility that they might detect some natural nightside airglow 6 an emission of light in the upper atmosphere produced when atoms broken apart by the solar wind recombine to form molecules, releasing energy in the form of light.
Observations of the nightside ionosphere of Mars by the Mars Express Radio Science Experiment (MaRS).
The haze scatters sunlight into the nightside, teasing researchers with glimpses of odd landforms faintly illuminated in Pluto's twilight.
Then Riley disappears, and Dekker learns that to save her he must follow her into Nightside and make a difficult sacrifice.
Initial atmospheric observations of the images are showing that the haze that envelops the planet has many layers, causing a soft illumination of nightside features during the sunset hours, visible to New Horizons' cameras.
As he delves into Nightside to save his sister, he loses something else along the way: his heart.
Palik joined the Harrisburg paper in 2000 as a copy editor and page designer on the nightside news desk.
com, says to imagine yourself on the moon: "Overhead hangs Earth, nightside down, completely hiding the sun behind it.
Peter Brown launched Nightside Test Design in 2001, taking advantage of the time zone difference to provide an overnight software testing service for developers in Europe and the US.