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 (nē-gîr′ē, nĭ-)
A type of sushi that consists of a lump of cooked, vinegar-seasoned rice rounded and pressed by hand into a loaflike shape and then topped with a thin slice of usually raw seafood, sometimes seasoned with wasabi and bound together by a strip of seaweed.

[From Japanese nigirizushi : nigiri, a gripping, a grasping, a hand-pressed ball or lump of rice (from nigiru, to grip, grasp, roll a ball of rice in the hand, from Old Japanese, to grip, grasp) + -zushi, combining form of sushi, sushi; see sushi.]
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(Cookery) (in Japanese cuisine) a small oval block of cold rice topped with wasabi and a thin slice of fish, prawn, etc, and sometimes held together by a thin band of seaweed
[from Japanese, literally: grasp, as the rice is shaped by hand]
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The Food After toying with the idea of the Sooshe special platter, which features a combination of 12 sashimi, six guncan and six seared nigiri all picked by the chef, we decided to take our fate into our own hands and ordered a compilation of dishes.
Main course features spicy tuna tartar, salmon flambe nigari, Wagyu flambe nigiri and baby lamb gyozas.
Aside from its Zen-inspired interiors, the new name offers excitement to sharp palates with a new and improved menu showcasing a wide selection, including classic Japanese set meals, Teishoku and Gozen; mouthwatering hot pots filled to the brim with noodles, fresh vegetables, meat and rich stock; Japanese noodles, such as Soba and Udon, an assortment of Sushi, Nigiri, and Ippin Ryori; filling rice bowls; Donburimono; fresh salads; classic crispy golden tempura; tender teppanyaki; and Japanese desserts, such as Matcha Tiramisu, Matcha Roll Cake and Wasabi Mochi.
'Keen', in development from Brazilian studio Cat Nigiri for most major platforms, is a smile-inducing game with cartoon-like charm.
* Fuel : A New York City nigiri and maki sushi-making class
There are 20 courses in the prix-fixe omakase menu, including 12 pieces of nigiri.
Sushi in St David's shopping centre, between 9.30pm and 10pm, will be offering delicious Japanese sushi from the fridge or the belt, with everything from maki rolls, neat nigiri and more to take away.
A sushi chef would hand-roll speciality nigiri. Then on to a jazz bar in Roppongi before partying until morning in Shinjuku's Golden Gai.
Now we're going to make the sauce for the nigiri roll.
There was Aburi Hamachi Nigiri with olive tapenade & edible flower, Aburi Japanese Wagyu Nigiri with smoked shoyu & wasabi pickles, Aburi O-Toro Nigiri with tobiko, daikon oroshi & chives, Red Wave Roll (spicy prawn, avocado and masatake sauce), Ebi Oshi Sushi with lime zest and ume sauce and the classic Salmon Oshi Sushi with wild sockeye salmon, jalapeno and Miku sauce.
While Shop Rite's sushi programs provide mainstays such as California rolls, nigiri and more, individual stores are empowered to know their customer base and preferences, and tailor offerings accordingly.
Alongside it on the menu came sashimi and nigiri choices.