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 (nē-gîr′ē, nĭ-)
A type of sushi that consists of a lump of cooked, vinegar-seasoned rice rounded and pressed by hand into a loaflike shape and then topped with a thin slice of usually raw seafood, sometimes seasoned with wasabi and bound together by a strip of seaweed.

[From Japanese nigirizushi : nigiri, a gripping, a grasping, a hand-pressed ball or lump of rice (from nigiru, to grip, grasp, roll a ball of rice in the hand, from Old Japanese, to grip, grasp) + -zushi, combining form of sushi, sushi; see sushi.]


(Cookery) (in Japanese cuisine) a small oval block of cold rice topped with wasabi and a thin slice of fish, prawn, etc, and sometimes held together by a thin band of seaweed
[from Japanese, literally: grasp, as the rice is shaped by hand]
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The menu will highlight traditional Japanese culinary techniques and will include salads and tempura dishes, sashimi, rolls and nigiri or meat and seafood from the robata grill.
Mini Ninjas will be taken through three recipes during the hour-long class as they learn how to make Cucumber Maki, Salmon Nigiri and California rolls (with additional veggie options available).
Sushi offerings range from the fabled four styles - Nigiri, Maki Mono, Temaki and Gunkan - over to Sushi Special Rolls such as the Cherry Kamo Roll (roast duck, cucumber and Hoisin Sauce), Summer Roll (chicken katsu or king prawn, spicy sauce with mayonnaise and cucumber) and Yasai Roll (avocado, sweet tofu, cucumber and pickled radish).
As taste is the name of the game, his culinary style concentrates on the fine cuts of shashimi and sushi such as the Nigiri, Gunkan, Uramaki and Futomaki.
With a wide range of international cuisines, Gourmet Lunch Buffet provides guests a voyage of gastronomic indulgence with a variety of freshly prepared, delicious and delectable dishes including exquisite nigiri, a delightful array of hot dishes such as Blanquette de Veau Braised Veal in Cream Sauce; Vegetable Tempura; Dim Sum and Steamed Thai-Style Lemon and Chilli Sea Bass as well as other hearty selections to satisfy all your cravings.
The chef plans to incorporate local ingredients into the cold and hot appetizers, nigiri, sushi and selections from the robata grill.
We had Nigiri including tamago, unagi and smoked salmon which featured the same chewy mildly-seasoned rice.
Shoppers can try it in two sushi dishes the Ahimi Nigiri and Roll Combo, and Ahimi California Roll.
You can tell he made the nigiri sushi (seafood over a ball of rice) by the 'tail' that drapes over the rice.
His favourite food in the whole world is sushi and he can blow a week's food budget on eight plates of salmon nigiri off the Yo
They'll learn to make cucumber maki, salmon nigiri and California rolls, and learn about Japanese ingredients and how to use chopsticks.
I had my usual mixed nigiri selection washed down with warm sake.