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 (nī′grə-sēn′, -sĭn)
Any of a class of dyes, varying from blue to black, used in the manufacture of inks and for dyeing wood and textiles.

[Latin niger, nigr-, black; see nekw-t- in Indo-European roots + -os(e) + -ine.]
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(ˈnɪɡrəˌsiːn; -sɪn) or


(Dyeing) any of a class of black pigments and dyes obtained from aniline: used in inks and shoe polishes and for dyeing textiles
[C19: from Latin niger black + -ose1 + -ine1]
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(ˈnaɪ grəˌsin, -sɪn)

any of the class of deep blue or black dyes obtained by the oxidation of aniline.
[1890–95; < Latin nigr-, s. of niger black, dark + -ose2 + -ine1]
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