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Noun1.Nihau - the most northwestern Hawaiian island (beyond Kauai)
Hawaiian Islands, Sandwich Islands - a group of volcanic and coral islands in the central Pacific
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The lower-caste Tahitian, Hu, a favorite victim of the white men's beatings, tried unsuccessfully to push Martin from a cliff to his death.(37) Tararu failed in his attempt to murder Williams, who by that time had taken away Hutia to live with him.(38) Hutia apparently undertook to poison Tararu in retaliation and, in so doing, killed both Tararu and Hu.(39) Meanwhile, Quintal and McCoy essentially enslaved the unmarried islander Te Moa, while Martin and Mills subjected the other lower-caste islander, Nihau, to similar degradation.(40) "The natives resented their new status deeply, but so far had not broken out in open revolt."(41) Perhaps this peace prevailed because the Tahitian noblemen, Minarii and Tetahiti, continued to lead lives of substantial independence and dignity.(42)