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 (nī′mā′gən, -KHən)
A city of eastern Netherlands on the Waal River near the German border. Founded in Roman times, it flourished under Charlemagne and later became a free imperial city and a member of the Hanseatic League.


(ˈnaɪˌmeɪɡən; Dutch ˈnɛimeːxə)
(Placename) an industrial town in the E Netherlands, in Gelderland province on the Waal River: the oldest town in the country; scene of the signing (1678) of the peace treaty between Louis XIV, the Netherlands, Spain, and the Holy Roman Empire. Pop: 156 000 (2003 est). Latin name: Noviomagus German name: Nimwegen


(ˈnaɪ meɪ gən)

a city in the E Netherlands, on the Waal River: peace treaty 1678. 145,816.
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Noun1.Nijmegen - an industrial city in the eastern Netherlands
Holland, Kingdom of The Netherlands, Nederland, Netherlands, The Netherlands - a constitutional monarchy in western Europe on the North Sea; half the country lies below sea level
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Contract notice: Sale mountain and dalseweg 295 nijmegen
30am on September 29, 1944, a group of German frogmen were fixing charges underwater to the main supports of the bridge at Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.
In the edited transcript of his oral interview below, Young describes how soldiers and civilians celebrated VE-Day in Nijmegen together.
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Outcome measures that assess hyperventilation and dysfunctional breathing include the Nijmegen Questionnaire, 33-item Hyperventilation Questionnaire (HVQ), and the Self Evaluation of Breathing Questionnaire (SEBQ) (Rapee and Medoro 1994, Courtney and Greenwood 2009, Vansteenkiste et al 1991).
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Van Lin was study secretary of the Pontifical Mission Works (1972-92) and director of the Nijmegen Institute for Mission Studies (1993-2002).
Twelve members of the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, based at Edgbaston's Queen Elizabeth Hospital, are taking part in the gruelling Nijmegen Marches, in Holland.
Ndegwa spent the fall semester attending classes and experiencing Nijmegen through the college's Study Abroad program.
Agility was recently introduced at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (Nijmegen, Netherlands), where a 48-year-old woman, was treated on 10 September 2012.
In Nijmegen werd een grote, moderne kazerne gebouwd, met daarnaast een hospitaal.
30pm AJAX are already feeling the effects of the loss of skipper Jan Vertonghen and there could be further evidence of defensive deficiencies when the Dutch champions travel to Nijmegen to take on NEC, writes Mark Langdon.