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A trademark for a Japanese stock-market index composed of 225 actively traded, large cap stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange weighted by share price. This index is often referred to as the Nikkei 225.


(ˈni keɪ)
1. an index showing the average closing prices of 225 stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2. an American of Japanese descent.
[1975–80; < Japanese]
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Japanese banks are arranging a syndicated loan to help an acquisition by Nikkei Inc, considered to be the biggest financial daily in Japan, according to Reuters.
Then Pearson announced that Nikkei had paid a premium and would win the financial title.
The ambassador briefed the president and the Nikkei executives about the positive performance of Pakistans economy following the fiscal reforms and underlined the positive rating by the international financial institutions, said a press release issued here by PID on Saturday.
However, the Nikkei Dow was 8,000 and dollar-yen was 76 when I first described the once in a generation money-making potential that Abenomics offered after the tragedy of Fukushima, the return of the LDP to power and the uneasy rise of China.
The content integration announcement comes with a companion announcement of a capital investment by Nikkei, Inc.
Commenting on the announcement, Tsuneo Kita, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nikkei said, "We are delighted to announce our partnership with Monocle today.
Nikkei says that these antennae stripes will not actually make it to the finished product rather the iPhone 6 release date will bring a glass antennae design, which is similar to the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s.
Nikkei Asia is an annual event to recognize 3 individuals and organizations throughout Asia (except for Japan) with outstanding achievement and influence in improving life quality and establishing sustainable development in the region.
Investors sold stock index futures to limit losses, prompting the benchmark Nikkei average to plunge more than 300 points at one point, according to Japan's (Nikkei.
The comprehensive features and capabilities of the Brightcove platform enable Nikkei to provide a high quality, interactive and engaging user experience for online audiences around the world.
The Nikkei's decline in the afternoon was driven by flows in Nikkei futures, said Hideki Horikawa, a senior adviser at Himawari Securities Inc's investment advisory division.
Established in 1996 to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Nikkei Inc.