Nikola Tesla

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Noun1.Nikola Tesla - United States electrical engineer and inventor (born in Croatia but of Serbian descent) who discovered the principles of alternating currents and developed the first alternating-current induction motor and the Tesla coil and several forms of oscillators (1856-1943)
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The two men trade verbal blows as their respective businesses duel for supremacy and Nikola Tesla (Nicholas Hoult) joins Edison's team of bright young things.
Nikola Tesla was an accomplished scientist and inventor as well as an enigmatic technological dreamer, as shown in Amy M.
The Nikola Tesla exhibition highlights the inventor-engineer's revolutionary discoveries in the domain of transmission and utilisation of alternating current, wireless communication, remote control and mechanical engineering -- all inventions far ahead of their time.
The inventor Nikola Tesla, who died over 70 years ago, left behind a legacy that continues to inspire innovators today, and probably most famously visible in the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, which was named in homage to the Serbian.
IEEE Karachi Section is a local chapter for IEEE organization which itself has a legend of 130 years and being co-founded from geniuses such as Nikola Tesla. Carrying the legacy, IEEE Karachi Section itself has history of more than 35 years, where each year comes with its own challenges, surprises and assignments.
The result will be the manufacturing of numismatic coins with the portrait of Nikola Tesla. In June 2016, representatives of the NBS and Mish International Monetary Inc.
Wasik previously has spoken at CLC on subjects covered in two of his books: how to avoid college debt and the life of inventor Nikola Tesla. Find out more about Wasik at
Most recently it took part in the bidding to operate Serbia's Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport for 25 years and is waiting for the results to be announced later this month.
I can't help but think that my research project would have been phenomenal had I found Nikola Tesla at a nearby museum, my work experience impeccable had I assisted Einstein and, my evenings, a lot more interesting if I was sipping coffee with Gandhi or Mandela, discussing peace.
Hainan Airlines has begun flying between Beijing Capital International Airport and Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the company said.
The trailer for the upcoming movie 'The Current War' shows Cumberbatch as the American inventor Thomas Edison, fighting to prove that direct current, and not Nikola Tesla's alternating current, is the way to bring electricity into every home in the United States.