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 (nĭk′ə-lä′yəf, nyĭ′kə-)


(Russian nikaˈlajɪf)
(Placename) a city in S Ukraine on the Southern Bug about 64 km (40 miles) from the Black Sea: founded as a naval base in 1788; one of the leading Black Sea ports. Pop: 518 000 (2005 est). Former name: Vernoleninsk


or Ni•ko•la•ev

(ˌnɪk əˈlɑ yəf)

a city in S Ukraine, on the Bug River. 503,000.
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According to Kristina Nikolayeva, the spokeswoman of Ukraine's infrastructure ministry, "The transit of Ukraine goods has not yet begun".
She was 18 seconds faster than Evelina Marcisz of poland and 42 seconds clear of third-place Russia's Svetlana Nikolayeva.
ambassadors, authorized persons that care for their fate", Elina Nikolayeva, official representative of the Health Department says to
Teacher Valentina Nikolayeva tried to protect her pupils from the blast as the space rock exploded 20 to 30 miles above ground.
Listening to the work's dedicatee Tatiana Nikolayeva on disc, the E flat minor Prelude's insistent trills and tremolos sounded like vamping but in Donohoe's hands they tolled menacingly and manically like La campanella heard by De Quincey after a heavy night on laudanum.
The association's representative in Russia, Irina Merkel, arrived at Kaliningrad's maternity centre and handed Pyotr's mother, 36-year-old Yelena Nikolayeva, the certificate, along with flowers and a token baskets of oranges.
I am just a normal mum," Yelena Nikolayeva, replied as she handed the boy to Putin, Russia's paramount leader.
Nikolayeva, "Women in the Partisan Movement in the Occupied Territory of Belarus [1941- 1944]," Belarus during the Great Patriotic War: Lessons of History and Today: Materials of the International Conference (Minsk, 2004), p.
Written by a female author, Galina Nikolayeva (1911-63), it was published in the Soviet Union in 1954.
Suelen ser los dedicatarios de las obras, a quienes se asocia con ellas y que en ocasiones vuelven un reto su interpretacion por alguien mas, o los discipulos de los maestros: asi ocurre con algunos solistas de Verdi, pero tambien con Tatiana Nikolayeva, para los 24 Preludios y Fugas de Shostakovich, o con Robert Craft para la obra orquestal de Stravinsky.
OLYMPIA has produced a rival from the much older pianist, Tatiana Nikolayeva (OCD 703 ABCD).
Amid the chaos - well, it wasn't really chaos - Russia's Yelena Nikolayeva raced, err, walked to victory in 41:49.