Nile bird

(Zool.) The wryneck.
The crocodile bird.

See also: Nile, Nile

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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From his debut with Ya Donya ya Gharamy (Life My Love), 1996, and A Girl's Secret (2001), to The Nile Bird (2009) and Mawlana (2016), Ali has established a reputation for exceptional storytelling.
Researchers estimate that, for each dead bird reported, there are probably 100 to 1,000 unreported West Nile bird deaths.
The multi-award winning renowned director who realized acclaimed films like O Life, O Love, Girls' Secrets, Fawzeya's Secret Recipe and Nile Birds brings us 'a film that has proved to be one of the most discussed films of the year.
*Apart from Egyptian competition entry "Nile Birds," attendance was remarkably low for all international competition films screenings.
Screenings for "Heliopolis" and "Nile Birds" had to be cancelled because, naturally, not a single journalist showed up.
Maryam recently filmed her guest appearance in the Egyptian film "Asafeer Al Neel" (Nile Birds), directed by Majdi Ahmad Ali.
Accepting his Best Actor award for Magdy Ahmed Ali's "Nile Birds" that evening, Abdel Wahab said: "I'd like to thank the jury, I'd like to thank the Cairo Festival's administration.
Egyptian director Magdy Ahmed Ali's "Nile Birds" is only the second feature based on a work by great Egyptian author Ibrahim Aslan, and the first in 18 years since Daoud Abdel Sayed's "Kit Kat" to reach Egyptian screens.
Unlike "Kit Kat" though, which departed conspicuously from the source material, "Nile Birds" fails to translate on screen.
Set in the humble Nile-side neighborhood of Imbaba over nearly half a century, "Nile Birds" centers on Abdel Reheem (Abdel Wahab), a naE[macron]ve and quirky rural migrant who moves to Cairo with his older sister, Nargis (Dalal Abdel Aziz) and her postman husband Al-Bahey Uthman (Mahmoud El Guindi).
"Nile Birds" is the story of marginalized Egyptians, leading inconsequential lives and dying an inconsequential death.