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(ˈnaɪ lɒt)

also Ni•lote


n., pl. -lo•tes (-ˈloʊ tiz)
a member of any of a number of African peoples of the upper Nile River drainage and East African steppes who share physical and cultural features and speak what are taken to be related languages.
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Percentage of recording days per month (normalized by effort) during which marine mammal calls were detected (from sperm whales narwhals and nilot whales) in August 2012, September 2012, and September 2013.
Nilots or Nilotics could have been nice except for their exclusive association with some ethnicities.
These have been further reduced to eight major categories: Arabs (39%), Nilots (20%), Para-Nilots (5%), Westerners of Darfur (13%), Nuba (5%), Nuvians (5%), Sudamic (6%), and foreigners (7%).