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1.Wilt not.
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In the second case, another drug seller from Sabzi Mandi, I/10, Islamabad, namely Hussain, resident of Nilt village, Nagar Tehsil, Hunza District and recovered 100 gram hashish from him.
The inhabitants of Nilt, Shishkat, Mayoon, Hopper and Hussainabad consume water from nallahs.
The Puniali levies, still on the hill above Nilt, built themselves a dominating and spacious blockhouse from which fire could be brought down on the sangars across the ravine.
Contract notice: Contract to appoint a research contractor to conduct the next 2 rounds of the annual Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) Survey
Progress was slow but unopposed, and they reached Nilt around midday on 2 December.