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the 11th of September 2001, the day on which the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York were flown into and destroyed by aeroplanes hijacked by Islamic fundamentalists. Also called: September eleven
[C21: from the US custom of expressing dates in figures, the day of the month following the number of the month]
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It is not another nine-eleven - any more than nine-eleven was a nuclear strike.
And it would provide liability protection to companies now facing billion dollar lawsuits only because they are believed to have assisted in efforts to defend our Nation following the Nine-Eleven attacks.
The results are in line with our guidance in October, 2001, six weeks after nine-eleven.
Response: Nine-Eleven," which has set up a temporary command center in Parsippany, New Jersey, has been focused on contacting clients, assessing client needs and alerting their experts and adjusters to be on standby for losses that may include business interruption, personal and commercial property and casualty.
17 Nine-Eleven Memorial and Safeguards Feature Package 1.
The package slugword for the Nine-Eleven Memorial and Safeguards Package will be "Nine.
At the Archive's website the public can save and annotate emails they may have collected, and find other online resources related to the events surrounding nine-eleven.
Indeed there has already been a harbinger of one: the Nine-Eleven Attack on the Twin Trade Towers, an event that the novel calls the Cataclysm and with which it begins.
Nine-eleven had several, several memorial television programs to it that air every year on 9-11.
Hills - number of England starting eleven agaisnt Switzerland to keep places for next qualifer: 8-11 five-six, 11-8 seven-eight, 8 nine-eleven, 25 none-four.
The Foreign Office spokesman Sunday Reacting to the statement given by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the perpetrator of US Nine-Eleven and Indian 26/11 are in Pakistan said that the US Secretary of state allegations have not contact with reality.
I hope people see this as more than just another nine-eleven story," comments Prakash.