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Noun1.Ningal - (Akkadian) a goddess; wife of the Moon god Sin
Mesopotamia - the land between the Tigris and Euphrates; site of several ancient civilizations; part of what is now known as Iraq
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"The total estimated cost is about five lakhs but we managed to construct this house, particularly this house in three lakhs," said Naresh Ningal, the coordinator of Kashigaun for the Nepal House Reconstruction Project.
Dina pasemona katembong parangi manis, berag matak hegar anu ningal. Rupana seger siga kembang nu tas kahudjanan.
In the seventh kirugu Ningal laments the destroyed city before Nanna, in the eighth kirugu Ningal is beseeched to return to her city.
(12.) This is apparent elsewhere in narratives in which Utu appears as the patron of underdogs and hopeless cases, and in GEN 238-41, in which Utu is instructed by Enki to bring up (at least) the shade of Enkidu: "Father Enki helped him (Gilgameg) in this matter, / he spoke to Young Hero Utu, the son born of Ningal: / Now when you make an opening in the Netherworld, / bring his servant up to him from the Netherworld!" translated in A.
KITUSSI apni tax return jama kar ditti?" "Tumi ki nijer tax return joma korecho?" "Ningal ningalude tax return file cheytho?" The regions are different but the concern is common -- have you filed your tax return?