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 (nĭp′ĭ-gŏn′), Lake
A lake of southwest-central Ontario, Canada, north of Lake Superior. It is a popular resort center.


(Placename) Lake Nipigon a lake in central Canada, in NW Ontario, draining into Lake Superior via the Nipigon River. Area: 4843 sq km (1870 sq miles)


(ˈnɪp ɪˌgɒn)

Lake, a lake in SW Ontario, in S central Canada. ab. 1870 sq. mi. (4845 sq. km).
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We've seen in the region where we train a bunch of people and the project doesn't happen," said Dupuis, mentioning the stalled Ring of Fire mines development and the Little lackfish hydro-electric project near Nipigon.
Ciscoes (Coregonus, Subgenus Leucichthys) of the Laurentian Great Lakes and Lake Nipigon.
Crafted by a First Nations boy north of Lake Nipigon, the little wooden man and canoe--"Please put me back in the water.
Chacaby spent her first two years with an adoptive French family before her formidable kokum (grandmother), Leliilah, traveled to Thunder Bay to bring her home to Ombabika, a remote Ojibwa community near Lake Nipigon in Northern Ontario.
Earlier today, we visited the Nipigon River Bridge to provide an update on the investigation into what happened earlier this year, and see first-hand how work is progressing.
NWMO spokesperson Mike Krizanc said Nipigon faced geological challenges as well as conflicting public visions around the project.
Through his tireless research, and the help of IGFA Representative Mark Melnyk and Nipigon, Ontario resident Rob Swainson, the IGFA has now set the record straight on the details of Cook's catch, and even has a photo of Cook and his historic catch.
Pyzer's other perch paradise on the Great Lakes is the north shore of Lake Superior between Thunder Bay and Nipigon.
The Hollings then continued north following the shoreline of Lake Superior as far as a river leading to Nipigon, Ontario.
Harkness and Dymond (1961) depicted weight-length curves for sturgeon from Lake Nipigon and Lake St.
Coincidentally, that was also the same year HMCS Nipigon became the first Canadian mixed-gender warship to participate in exercises with NATO's Standing Naval Forces Atlantic (STANAVFORLANT).
clashed head-on with another on a highway close to Nipigon, Thunder Bay, CBC News reported.