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An ancient city of Babylonia on the Euphrates River southeast of Babylon. It was an important religious center in Sumerian times.


(Placename) an ancient Sumerian and Babylonian city, the excavated site of which is in SE Iraq: an important religious centre, abandoned in the 12th or 13th century



an ancient Sumerian and Babylonian city in what is now SE Iraq.
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When the finds from Nippur first reached Philadelphia, the university displayed them in temporary galleries on campus.
But by the end of the millennium he'd been absorbed by Ninurta, the war-god of the great Sumerian religious capital of Nippur, sacred city of Enlil, and the paramount deity of the Sumerian pantheon.
Among the topics are some thoughts on agricultural landscape and female bodies in Sumero-Akkadian sources, royal nurses and midwives in presargonic Lagas texts, a Middle Babylonian Sumerian fragment of the Adapa Myth from Nippur and an overview of the Middle Babylonian Sumerian literary corpus at Nippur, cuneiform tablets and other inscribed objects from collections in Jerusalem, and the seven attendants of Hendursaga: a study of animal symbolism in Mesopotamian cultures.
emergio el potencial de las tablas como herramienta de manejo de datos cuantitativos, y siguio desarrollandose paulatina pero no continuamente, durante 500 anos, al menos en la ciudad de Nippur y sus alrededores.
In total, there are five City Laments known to us: The Lament over Ur, The Lament over Sumer and Ur, The Lament over Uruk, The Lament over Eridu, and The Lament over Nippur.
a (Livingstone 1986: 24-27), is a mystical text about the dimensions of the granaries of the main temple in Nippur, but since this information somehow concerned the moon god Sin, the text included a table of lunar visibility on the first and fifteenth days of each calendar month; the colophon describes the tablet as a "mathematical tablet," but the context is clearly more general and difficult to comprehend.
Citrus cultivation is known to be started in Nippur (Mesopotamia) area in 4000 B.
The aim is to explore through time the visualisation of cities, so we start with a terracotta plan of the Mesopotamian holy city of Nippur, in what is now Iraq, then travel through Renaissance cities, New World cities, Imperial cities and mega cities.
Una expedicion de la Universidad de Filadelfia exploro el sitio de Nippur de 1888 a 1900 y pudo sustraer suficientes cilindros cuneiformes que posibilitaron un mejor entendimiento del lenguaje acadio y el desciframiento de la cultura sumeria.
Citrus cultivation is considered to have started in Nippur (Mesopotamia) that dates back to 4000 B.
Inclusive, la valoracion del dano corporal o a la persona y, por consiguiente, la necesidad de proteger la integridad o la salud frente a atentados de otras personas no es un topico novedoso, sino que, por el contrario, tiene antecedentes vetustos que se remontan a las denominadas Tablas de Nippur, al Codigo de Hammurabi, e inclusive a los textos biblicos (41).