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An ancient city of Babylonia on the Euphrates River southeast of Babylon. It was an important religious center in Sumerian times.
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(Placename) an ancient Sumerian and Babylonian city, the excavated site of which is in SE Iraq: an important religious centre, abandoned in the 12th or 13th century
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an ancient Sumerian and Babylonian city in what is now SE Iraq.
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Diwaniyah / NINA /- An archaeological mission from the University of Chicago began an excavation process in the ancient city of Nippur in Diwaniyah province.
Crisostomo examines translation as part of the matrix of scholarship in Sumerian scribal schools during the 18th century BCE in the city of Nippur where Iraq is today.
General consensus seems to support dividing the Early Dynastic Ilia period into an earlier Fara phase in the south and a later phase characterized by the texts from the more northerly Abu Salabikh, Kish, and Nippur. Excavators in both regions uncovered cuneiform text artifacts exemplifying non-utilitarian text genres (lexical and literary compositions, and school texts) and texts from the utilitarian administrative and legal spheres.
Titled The Poor Man of Nippur, it recounts the tale of a man with a goat who takes revenge on a city mayor for killing the animal by beating him up three times.
When the finds from Nippur first reached Philadelphia, the university displayed them in temporary galleries on campus.
Este estudio aparecera en breve en Estudios Biblicos (revista del csic que intenta dar una nueva solucion al problema geografico de Moab en la epoca biblica, partiendo de los datos que ofrecen unos textos asirios recientemente descubiertos en Nippur, Iraq) (13).
But by the end of the millennium he'd been absorbed by Ninurta, the war-god of the great Sumerian religious capital of Nippur, sacred city of Enlil, and the paramount deity of the Sumerian pantheon.
According to Gelb, Su-Sin "offered (the population) ex-voto to his 'servitude,' and settled the enemy 'slaves,' his booty, in a town on the frontier of Nippur for (dedicated to?) Enlil and Ninlil."
In total, there are five City Laments known to us: The Lament over Ur, The Lament over Sumer and Ur, The Lament over Uruk, The Lament over Eridu, and The Lament over Nippur. Most likely, the historic event they are all based on is the destruction of Ur in 2004 BCE.
Citrus cultivation is known to be started in Nippur (Mesopotamia) area in 4000 B.C.