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An ancient city of Babylonia on the Euphrates River southeast of Babylon. It was an important religious center in Sumerian times.


(Placename) an ancient Sumerian and Babylonian city, the excavated site of which is in SE Iraq: an important religious centre, abandoned in the 12th or 13th century



an ancient Sumerian and Babylonian city in what is now SE Iraq.
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Oppenheim, "'Siege-Documents' from Nippur," Iraq XVII (1955):79, no.
C the ancient tablet was discovered in the late 1880's in Nippur, an ancient city of Mesopotamia that is now Iraq.
Life at the bottom of Babylonian society; servile laborers at Nippur in the 14th and 13th centuries, B.
Another source--a group of Middle Babylonian letters from Nippur (c.
In so doing, they illuminated three major themes: arithmetic exploiting a notation of numbers based entirely on two basic symbols; the scribal schools of Nippur, which was the most prestigious center of scribal education; and advanced mathematical training.
Nippur, the temple of the god Enlil, endured for five thousand years.
The Penn Museum exhibition, which runs through June, concentrates on the late 1800s excavation of the ancient city of Nippur, today in Iraq, which resulted in the discovery of nearly 30,000 cuneiform tables that provided valuable information about the ancient civilizations in this region.
A cuneiform tablet dating to 4,000 years ago from Nippur, an ancient Sumerian city, includes instructions for performing music on string instruments and suggests people had a sophisticated idea of octaves more than 4,000 years ago.
It was in this context that the University of Pennsylvania began excavations at Nippur in 1888 and the University of Chicago began work at Bismaya in 1904, after several unsuccessful attempts to begin a project at the better known site of Ur.
Maps features some of the oldest, most unusual and most important maps existing today, including the earliest known map (Plan of Nippur from 1500 B.
I am Hammurabi, the shepherd, selected by the god Enlil, he who heaps high abundance and plenty, who perfects every possible thing for the city Nippur, the city known as band-of-heaven-and earth, the pious provider of the Ekur temple .