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 (nîr-vä′nə, nər-)
1. often Nirvana
a. Buddhism A state in which the mind, enlightened as to the illusory nature of the self, transcends all suffering and attains peace.
b. Hinduism A state in which the soul, having relinquished individual attachments and recognized its identity with Brahman, escapes samsara.
2. An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy.

[Sanskrit nirvāṇam, a blowing out, extinction, nirvana : nis-, nir-, out, away + vāti, it blows; see wē- in Indo-European roots.]
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(nɪəˈvɑːnə; nɜː-)
(Buddhism) Buddhism Hinduism final release from the cycle of reincarnation attained by extinction of all desires and individual existence, culminating (in Buddhism) in absolute blessedness, or (in Hinduism) in absorption into Brahman
[C19: from Sanskrit: extinction, literally: a blowing out, from nir- out + vāti it blows]
nirˈvanic adj
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(nɪrˈvɑ nə, -ˈvæn ə, nər-)

1. (often cap.) (in Buddhism) the final release from the cycle of reincarnations as a result of the extinction of individual passion, hatred, and delusion.
2. (often cap.) (in Hinduism) salvation through the union of Atman with Brahma.
3. a place or state characterized by freedom from pain and worry.
[1830–40; < Skt nirvāṇa]
nir•va′nic, adj.
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1. A state of ultimate wisdom and blessedness.
2. A state of release from the cycle of reincarnation and absorption into the universal reality.
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Noun1.nirvana - (Hinduism and Buddhism) the beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnationnirvana - (Hinduism and Buddhism) the beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation; characterized by the extinction of desire and suffering and individual consciousness
Hindooism, Hinduism - a body of religious and philosophical beliefs and cultural practices native to India and based on a caste system; it is characterized by a belief in reincarnation, by a belief in a supreme being of many forms and natures, by the view that opposing theories are aspects of one eternal truth, and by a desire for liberation from earthly evils
Buddhism - the teaching of Buddha that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire, that suffering ceases when desire ceases, and that enlightenment obtained through right conduct and wisdom and meditation releases one from desire and suffering and rebirth
beatification, beatitude, blessedness - a state of supreme happiness
2.nirvana - any place of complete bliss and delight and peacenirvana - any place of complete bliss and delight and peace
region, part - the extended spatial location of something; "the farming regions of France"; "religions in all parts of the world"; "regions of outer space"
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noun paradise, peace, joy, bliss, serenity, tranquillity They believe in a continuous cycle of births and deaths until the soul is perfected and achieves nirvana.
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[nɪəˈvaːnə] Nnirvana m
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nNirwana nt
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