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also Nish  (nĭsh)
A city of southeast Serbia near the Morava River. It was the birthplace of Constantine the Great.


(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth a friendly spirit or goblin thought to take care of a farmer's home, barn, stables, etc


(niːʃ) or


(Placename) an industrial town in Serbia, in the SE: situated on routes between central Europe and the Aegean. Pop: 203 670 (2002)



a city in SE Serbia, in SE Yugoslavia. 230,711.
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In the third quarter, the business sector (excluding banks and insurance companies) issued about NIS 10.
Dr Hinai said, 'Education has a very vital role to play in NIS.
Service revenues in Q2 2017 totaled NIS 646 million (USD 185 million), a decrease of 7% from NIS 692 million in Q2 2016.
Research of NIS expression in pure seminomas with larger series may clear the option of RAI treatment in seminomas.
Services sector in the private sector recorded the highest average daily real wage at 93 NIS in the West Bank and 76 NIS in Gaza Strip, followed by construction sector with 83 NIS in the West Bank and 40 NIS in Gaza Strip.
The NIS claimed the purchase was done to keep watch over North Korean spies and not conduct surveillance over its own citizens.
In 2008, the average price of an apartment in the capital stood at NIS 2,688 - today it stands at approximately NIS 4,000 per month.
A similar analysis of NIS data documented a 71% decline in hospital use by HIV-infected children from 1994 to 2003, during the advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy (Pediatrics 2007;120:e236-43).
2 million in the reported period, as compared with net profit of NIS 59.
Higher Education Budget, PerStudent 1998-2007 Forstudents in universities and public colleges In NIS, 2007 prices NIS 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 40,119 44,281 44,721 41,376 36,135 40,876 34,071 NIS 2005 2006 2007 36,327 35,710 38,326 Sources: Adva Center analysis of CBS, Statistical Abstract oflsrael, various years; Council on Higher Education website; Ministry of Finance, Office of the Comptroller, Financial Report, various years.
Citing continuing losses arising from its overcharging of interest, NIS President Kunihiko Sakioka said at a news conference, ''There were financial risks associated with the issue, and as such, we made this decision.
But the NIS, it turns out, was pumping the perchlorate instead of the iodine, the team reported in the online Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.