Niskin bottle

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Nis·kin bottle

A Nansen bottle that is made of plastic to prevent corrosion.

[After Shale J. Niskin (1926-1988), American oceanographer who invented it.]
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The TRAMS samplers were attached on the steel wires in series similar to the Niskin bottle hydrocast; however, each TRAMS sampler automatically extended a long (~1 m) polyethylene suction tube toward the horizontal direction upstream from the hydrocast wire just before the sampling, in order to avoid contamination from the wire.
Water samples were collected using a 5-L Niskin bottle at a depth of 2 m because of greater biomass in the surface water.
Twenty-one water samples from depth and surface were collected on three separate days by lowering a niskin bottle on a line at three coordinates along a South to North transect.
Chan's most important instruments include a Niskin bottle, which traps salt water beneath the surface in a canister and is then hauled back to the boat.
At each station, seawater and hydrothermal plume samples were collected at different depths with a conductivity, temperature, and depth (CTD) aluminum rosette (Seabird) containing 2410 L Niskin bottles. These stations were operated as on-line measurements with a Seabird 911 CTD coupled to a Carousel water sampler SBE 32.