Nissen hut

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Nis·sen hut

A prefabricated building of corrugated steel in the shape of a half cylinder, used especially by military personnel as a shelter.

[After Peter Norman Nissen (1871-1930), British army officer and mining engineer.]

Nissen hut

(Historical Terms) a military shelter of semicircular cross section, made of corrugated steel sheet. US and Canadian equivalent: Quonset hut
[C20: named after Lt Col. Peter Nissen (1871–1930), British mining engineer, its inventor]

Nis′sen hut`

(ˈnɪs ən)
a prefabricated cylindrical shelter made of corrugated metal and having a concrete floor.
[1915–20; after Peter N. Nissen (1871–1930), Canadian military engineer who designed it]
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Noun1.Nissen hut - a prefabricated hut of corrugated iron having a semicircular cross section
army hut, field hut, hut - temporary military shelter

Nissen hut

n (Brit) → Nissenhütte f