Nissen hut

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Nis·sen hut

A prefabricated building of corrugated steel in the shape of a half cylinder, used especially by military personnel as a shelter.

[After Peter Norman Nissen (1871-1930), British army officer and mining engineer.]

Nissen hut

(Historical Terms) a military shelter of semicircular cross section, made of corrugated steel sheet. US and Canadian equivalent: Quonset hut
[C20: named after Lt Col. Peter Nissen (1871–1930), British mining engineer, its inventor]

Nis′sen hut`

(ˈnɪs ən)
a prefabricated cylindrical shelter made of corrugated metal and having a concrete floor.
[1915–20; after Peter N. Nissen (1871–1930), Canadian military engineer who designed it]
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Noun1.Nissen hut - a prefabricated hut of corrugated iron having a semicircular cross section
army hut, field hut, hut - temporary military shelter

Nissen hut

n (Brit) → Nissenhütte f
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Rachel Whiteread, famous for casting the interior of a house, has cast the inside of a Nissen hut - the housing built for troops in the war - on the site of a prisoner of war camp in Yorkshire's Dalby Forest.
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He settled in West Yorkshire and initially manufactured rough blankets from a Nissen hut near Huddersfield under the name of Kagan Textiles Limited.
Shortly after World War II, a prefabricated Nissen hut was put up at the site to house the nut production line.
Establishing a studio in a Nissen hut in Cornwall, UK, allowed Simon Carroll (1964-2009) the opportunity to begin making drawings the size of a soccer field with specially adapted rakes on the nearby beaches.
And then, the empty bunks that night in our Nissen hut.
If you liked functionality, Nissen hut lookalikes and haemorrhoids - these were the cars for you.
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The recreated Eighth Air Force control tower and original Nissen hut (a prefabricated steel half-cylinder similar to a Quonset hut) represent the American air forces in England and offer a change of pace from looking at planes.
Behind an unmarked door at the side of an anonymous second world war Nissen hut in the middle of Oxfordshire, a group of scientists are attending to the needs of hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes.
There were fears that Indonesian pilots receiving training at Valley would be used against the civilian population of East Timor, under Indonesian occupation RAF chaplains Rev Roger Kenward and Rev Stephen Ware pictured in June 1987 at their new church of St Mihangel, which replaced the wartime Nissen hut where they had been worshipping, until it was condemned as unsafe in 1983.