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Nis·sen hut

A prefabricated building of corrugated steel in the shape of a half cylinder, used especially by military personnel as a shelter.

[After Peter Norman Nissen (1871-1930), British army officer and mining engineer.]

Nissen hut

(Historical Terms) a military shelter of semicircular cross section, made of corrugated steel sheet. US and Canadian equivalent: Quonset hut
[C20: named after Lt Col. Peter Nissen (1871–1930), British mining engineer, its inventor]

Nis′sen hut`

(ˈnɪs ən)
a prefabricated cylindrical shelter made of corrugated metal and having a concrete floor.
[1915–20; after Peter N. Nissen (1871–1930), Canadian military engineer who designed it]
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Noun1.Nissen hut - a prefabricated hut of corrugated iron having a semicircular cross section
army hut, field hut, hut - temporary military shelter

Nissen hut

n (Brit) → Nissenhütte f
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We lived in mud and in Nissen huts, which are cold and drafty.
"I am suggesting these anti-social tenants should spend three-month spells in houses like nissen huts, or until they have learned their lesson."
At the Cultybraggan Camp, near Comrie, we discovered how World War II prisoners were put to work on the land, crowded into Nissen huts, some of which are now used as bakeries and chocolate factories.
The design of the centre links back to the former Nissen huts which were used for education purposes at the fort in the 1970s, as well as the vaulted roof structure of the Roman bath house which is adjacent to the site.
British officials were told to uproot German nationals and send them to live in Nissen huts when the country was divided into "zones" among the allies.
Over 100,000 Nissen Huts were built during the First World War, with many of them being used as a makeshift hospital as well as barracks.
The project comprises the repairs and upgrading of eleven listed nissen huts on cultybraggan camp, comrie to provide heritage self catering accommodation units with associated common facilities, landscaping and services
The club, which consists of two prefabricated Nissen huts, has been open for 71 years and lies near to the the Battle of Britain bunker from where the epic battle was marshalled.
After erecting Nissen huts and accommodation for horses the battalion moved to a camp half way between Moislains and Haut Allaines and then by lorry to Roisel.
Nouvel's Nissen huts ushered in, over the next decade, more than two dozen invitations extended by McKillen to international architects and artists, most of whom he considers personal friends.