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 (nī′trō-sĕl′yə-lōs′, -lōz′)
Any of various pulpy or cottonlike polymers derived from cellulose treated with nitric and sulfuric acids and used in the manufacture of explosives, lacquers, collodion, celluloid, plastics, and solid monopropellants. Physical properties and use vary with varying nitrogen content of the substance. Also called cellulose nitrate, guncotton, pyroxylin.

ni′tro·cel′lu·los′ic (-lō′sĭk, -zĭk) adj.


(Elements & Compounds) another name (not in chemical usage) for cellulose nitrate


(ˌnaɪ trəˈsɛl yəˌloʊs)

any of a group of nitric esters of cellulose, used in the manufacture of lacquers and explosives.
ni`tro•cel`lu•lo′sic, ni`tro•cel′lu•lous, adj.
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Noun1.nitrocellulose - a nitric acid ester; used in lacquers and explosives
blasting gelatin - mixture of guncotton with nitroglycerin
cordite - explosive powder (nitroglycerin and guncotton and petrolatum) dissolved in acetone and dried and extruded in brown cords
cellulose ester - any ester of cellulose with an acid
pyrocellulose - nitrocellulose containing less nitrogen than guncotton; used in making smokeless powder
pyroxylin, pyroxyline - highly flammable nitrocellulose used in making collodion and plastics and lacquers
celluloid - highly flammable substance made from cellulose nitrate and camphor; used in e.g. motion-picture and X-ray film; its use has decreased with the development of nonflammable thermoplastics
nitrate - any compound containing the nitrate group (such as a salt or ester of nitric acid)
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2]NPs were embedded in composites material based on acrylic binder, nitrocellulose lacquer, and pigmented paste and were used for leather surface finishing.
Speer coats the case mouth with Black Lucas sealant before seating the bullet, and the primer is sealed with nitrocellulose lacquer to keep the internals dry.
Traditionally soft focus measurements have been performed by dispersing the powder in nitrocellulose lacquer, casting into a grim and drying.
By reducing the amount of time required to paint a car from weeks to hours, Duco nitrocellulose lacquer makes Henry Ford's modern assembly line possible.
After Cascade Cabinet, a privately owned manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Washington state, identified its sources of environmental costs and wastes, the firm switched from nitrocellulose lacquer -- a hazardous material and source of air pollution -- to a more benign varnish and cut manufacturing costs significantly.
The last major area that is contributing to poor quality in the eyes of the international market is the finish, While a few Egyptian manufacturers import nitrocellulose lacquer systems to use in their export products, many still rely on shellac and varnish systems in open finishing areas -- some on the roof of the factory.
Family Game Table: The designer used kahya with green milk paint and finished it with three thin coats of orange shellac and four coats of gloss nitrocellulose lacquer rubbed out with four-aught steel wool to obtain a silky matte finish.
The finish is an environmentally safe, high build, water clear finish that simulates the lacquer look without any of the hazardous features of a nitrocellulose lacquer, the company says.