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n.1.(Chem.) A nitro derivative of methane, analogous to chloroform, obtained as a colorless oily or crystalline substance, CH.(NO2)3, quite explosive, and having well-defined acid properties.
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Our manufactured brands include: ESN (Environmentally Smart Nitrogen), POLYON, XCU, NITROFORM, NUTRALENE and DURATION CR slow- and controlled-release fertilizers, PRECISE controlled-release plant protection, and ULTRA YIELD micronutrients.
and global intellectual property rights for Polyon, Duration, XCU, Nutralene and Nitroform brands of slow-release and controlled-release fertilizers.
The controlled release nitrogen products include branded products, Nitroform, Nutralene, SCU and IB Nitrogen that are marketed to finished product producers for use on golf courses, sport turf, home lawns, high yield agricultural crops, nurseries and in greenhouses.