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 (nī-trō′sə-mēn′, nī′trōs-ăm′ēn)
The group, N2O, having a divalent nitrogen atom bonded to a nitrogen atom that is doubly bonded to an oxygen atom, or any of a series of organic compounds having two alkyl groups bonded to this group. Nitrosamines are present in various food products and are carcinogenic in laboratory animals.

[Latin nitrōsus, full of natron (from nitrum, natron; see niter) + amine.]


(ˌnaɪtrəʊsəˈmiːn; ˌnaɪtrəʊsˈæmiːn)
(Elements & Compounds) any one of a class of neutral, usually yellow oily compounds containing the divalent group =NNO


(naɪˈtroʊ səˌmin, ˌnaɪ troʊsˈæm ɪn)

any of a series of compounds with the type formula R2NNO, some of which are carcinogenic, formed in cured meats by the conversion of sodium nitrite.
[< German Nitrosamin (1875); see nitroso-, amine]
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Robac SAA-30 PM 50 is an ultra-fast type of dithiocarbamate that is nitrosoamine safe.
Betel-quid and areca-nut chewing and some areca nut derived nitrosoamines.