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An island dependency of New Zealand in the south-central Pacific Ocean east of Tonga. Inhabited largely by native Polynesians, it was annexed by Britain in 1900 and made part of New Zealand a year later, becoming internally self-governing in 1974. Alofi is the capital.


(Placename) an island in the S Pacific, between Tonga and the Cook Islands: annexed by New Zealand (1901); achieved full internal self-government in 1974. Chief town and port: Alofi. Pop: 1269 (2012 est). Area: 260 sq km (100 sq miles). Also called: Savage Island


(niˈu eɪ)

an island in the S Pacific between Tonga and Cook Islands: possession of New Zealand. 2190; ab. 100 sq. mi. (260 sq. km).
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Trinidad said the country's tobacco taxes are still below the 87.7 percent tax hike imposed on cigarettes in Niue, 82.2 percent in New Zealand and the 77.5 percent in Australia.
Dr Tupou-Roosen thanked the Under-Secretary and said, "We the FFA welcome the ratification of the Multilateral Niue Treaty Subsidiary Agreement by New Zealand which brings it to 13 Parties to date.
Others recognised included Faleula Fatialofa, Malelega Tuuilalo Tapu, and Folole Esera from the Samoan Nurses Association; Anne Strickland from the Niue Nurses Association; Evivi Cirikiwai from the Fiji Nurses Association; Barbara Vardey, Metua Bates and Sonya Temata from the Cook Island Nurses Association; Ani Pauta and Sisilia Peini from the Tongan Nurses Association, and Ioana Viliamu Amusia, Malia Debriacher, and Litia Gibson from the Tokelau Nurses Association.
File photo: Trevor the duck on the Pacific island of Niue. Image Credit: AFP
Rugby league is a popular sport in Africa, Australia, China, Europe, France, New Zealand, UK, the Americas, Lebanon, Philippines, UAE, USA, the Cooks Island, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Niue, Tokelau, Solomon Islands and is the national sport of Papua New Guinea.
The additional countries are: Algeria, Cook Islands, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Niue, the Philippines, Tunisia, Ukraine and Vietnam, which is home to 1.4m people living with HIV (PLHIV).
RLIF World Rankings: 1 Australia, 2 New Zealand, 3 England, 4 Scotland, 5 Samoa, 6 France, 7 Ireland, 8 Fiji, 9 Wales, 10 USA, 11 Tonga, 12 Serbia, 13 Canada, 14 Italy, 15 Papua New Guinea, 16 Russia, 17 Jamaica, 18 Belgium, 19 Malta, 20 Spain, 21 Lebanon, 22 Ukraine, 23 Germany, 24 Cook Islands, 25 Czech Republic, 26 Norway, 27 Denmark, 28 Greece, 29 Sweden, 30 Netherlands, 31 Niue, 32 South Africa, 33 Hungary, 34 Philippines, 35 Thailand, 36 Chile, 37 Vanuatu, 38 El Salvador, 39 Latvia, 40 Solomon Islands, 41 Uruguay, 42 Morocco
To which country does the coral island of Niue belong?
Niue is a self-governing Pacific island nation located 2,480 kilometers off the coast of New Zealand, with a population of 1,400-1,600.
Besides Panama and Bahamas, the tax havens included British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Niue, Samoa, Anguilla, Mauritius, and Jersey.
According to information available to Pealtnagija the Panama documents show that LFS had 221 companies around the year 2005 which were managed by Mossack Fonseca, including 118 on Niue, 117 on the Bahamas, 31 on the British Virgin Islands, and 31 in Panama.